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Take action before it's
too late

Year end appraisals are not timely and come too late to address employees' performance related issues.
SandMerit can help you to monitor and reward employees on a monthly basis.

How it Works

A better way to manage performance

Merit Points systems aren't new, but SandMerit is revolutionary

kpi tracking

KPI Tracking

Track and assign KPI scores for each employee

merit points

Merit Points Allocation

Allocate Merit Points for employees when they do a good job.



Visualize how employees are doing relative to each other, scored by how many merit points they earned.

shopping cart

Shopping Cart

A familiar user interface for employees to shop for and redeem gifts as a reward for their performance

management reports

Management Reports

Graphical reports for at-a-glance visualization of employees' overall performance


KPI Summary Reports

An automatically generated yearly summary report for each employee

SandMerit is a Performance Reward System

Here's how SandMerit can help you.


Increase Performance

The most effective performance reviews are the ones done frequently. SandMerit simplifies that for you.


Save Time

We know you're busy. As important as it is to monitor performances, it doesn't have to take so much time.


Motivate Employees

Everyone loves to be rewarded for a job well done. SandMerit offers a variety of enticing products from our suppliers. There's something for everybody.


Made with organizations of all sizes in mind, SandMerit is easy to use, easier to implement, and even easier on your budget.


SandMerit offers a robust, efficient way to measure performance. Never dread performance management again.


No need for IT personnel, no need for technical knowledge. Just subscribe and reap the benefits.