More than 80% of sandmerit’s clients implemented the KPI successfully

How We Solve Your Problem In 3 Steps

CEO 1 to 1 Coaching

To understand your business strategies to achieve your big goal – Vision. We guide you to define the corporate KPIs that align with your business goals. We also coach you to design a good reward system that can motivate the employees without burdening the company’s cash flow.

KPI Team Building Workshop

We conduct in-house KPI alignment exercises with team-building workshops that can help you inspire and motivate your employees. We guide your team to develop their KPIs that can help the business grow.

Automate the KPI Management Process

Automating KPI tracking ensures fairness, transparency, and efficiency by reducing subjectivity in performance evaluation. With rewards calculated automatically based on pre-defined metrics, businesses can foster accountability and streamline processes for continuous improvement.

We have received more than 400 video testimonials over the past 3 years and we are still receiving new testimonials every week.

Testimonials from CEOs

Dato’ Sri Edwin Tan, Executive Chairman

Paragon Globe Bhd Public Listed on Main Board KLSE

Mr. Chester, CEO & Founder


Puan Ida, Founder and CEO


Mr. Shatish, 2nd Generation Owner

FernTea Barnsberry

Testimonials from Managers

Mr. Synmon, General Manager

Ezi Motartech

Ms. Dilshad, Logistic Manager

FernTea Barnsberry

Encik Abu, Service Manager


Ms. Punka, HR Manager

Wintech Metal

Testimonials from Employees

Ms. Nana, Employee


Mr. Huzaini, Operator

KIJ Excellence Titanium

Mr. Edwin, Sales Executive


Mr.Seong, Engineer

MEP Solutions

We’ve helped hundreds of satisfied clients in the past 5 years.

Step 1: 1-1 Coaching

Step 2: KPI Workshop

Step 3: KPI System

Our track record speaks volumes: boasting a

with delighted clients in our KPI workshops and an impressive

showcasing the continued satisfaction and trust of our clientele.

Our Client’s Success Stories 1

After one year of implementing KPI, KB Color achieved remarkable results in 2022, transitioning from financial losses to significant profits. This transformation was driven by heightened employee motivation and cooperation across departments, notably in production and accounting, ensuring timely order fulfillment and revenue collection. Key indicators of success included punctual completion of work by the production department, on-time deliveries by logistics, and clear goal-setting for employees. Additionally, a collective focus on company profitability led to a 50% reduction in printing waste, while employees voluntarily forwent overtime pay, demonstrating their commitment to the company’s success.

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Our Client’s Success Stories 2

Realsteel Company initially aimed to double its revenue from 50 million to 100 million within a year. Despite initial doubts, the company adopted the sandmerit KPI system, breaking down the ambitious goal into smaller monthly targets for all employees. Through dedicated efforts and systematic goal-setting, Realsteel surpassed expectations, achieving a remarkable revenue of 126 million, demonstrating the effectiveness of the KPI-driven approach in driving significant business growth.

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Award-winning KPI System

Committed to your success, each professional brings a wealth of experience.

Performance Monitoring & Feedback

Empowers managers to track subordinates’ KPIs monthly and provide timely feedback for performance improvement.

Employee KPI Submission & Rating

Enables employees to submit monthly KPI reports, with scores automatically rated by the sandmerit KPI system.

Data Collection Facilitation

Facilitates automated data collection, streamlining processes and ensuring accuracy in KPI-related data.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrates with external systems for efficient data exchange and synchronization.

Manager & CEO KPI Reporting

Provides comprehensive KPI reports tailored for managers and CEOs, offering insights for strategic decision-making.

Automated Bonus Calculation

Automates the calculation of bonuses based on performance metrics, ensuring accuracy and fairness.

Salary Increment Simulation

Enables simulation of salary increment budgets based on employee KPI scores, aiding in strategic planning.

Non-Cash Reward System

Offers a non-cash reward system where employees can redeem gifts using earned merit points for meeting KPIs, enhancing motivation and engagement.

Sales Commission & Incentive Calculation

Calculates sales commissions and employee incentives based on sales targets achieved, incentivizing high performance in sales teams.

Task Management

Empowers managers to assign and monitor employee tasks, ensuring timely completion and efficient workflow management.

CEO Dashboard

Provides the CEO with an overview of business performance based on key KPIs, facilitating strategic decision making and alignment with organizational goals.

Balanced Scorecard Alignment

Facilitates strategic alignment by enabling management to input corporate strategies across financial, customer, internal process, and learning & growth perspectives. Employee KPIs are then aligned with company objectives, ensuring their metrics drive overall company performance effectively.

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